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Nawi Kids founders, Nas and Whitney, met in New York in 2002 and quickly formed a friendship, bonding over their love of pop art and design, and connecting through their youthful personalities.

"With New York as their playground, Nas and Whitney began a creative partnership that would lead to the creation of Nawi Kids."

Nas discovered her love of design, by exploring the manufacturing side of the industry. Meanwhile, as Whitney honed her artistic skills, she took a behind the scenes look into the investment world. After seeing some of the harsh realities facing most factory workers, and the disconnect from the investment side, Nas and Whitney knew they wanted to make changes, but were unsure how to do it.

Flash forward 10 years, Whitney’s daughter Coco developed an obsession with dinosaurs around the time she started potty training. Whitney saw it as a perfect chance to get Coco more excited about “big kid” underwear.

"After a frustrating search, Whitney realized there were very few options for little girls who like dinosaurs"

Nas saw this as an opportunity to finally bring change to the apparel and toy manufacturing world, while bringing fun dinosaur stuff to little girls and boys. And after squeals of approval from Coco, Nas and Whitney knew they were on to something.

Today Nawi Kids products are made in Los Angeles with a focus on sustainability (toys are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles and everything is constructed within a 10 mile radius to reduce carbon emissions).

And to ensure that people making their products, are treated fairly, Nawi Kids pays fair wages and through

“Nawi Gives Back,” will provide educational funding for family members of anyone involved in the manufacturing of Nawi Kids product."

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 Whitney + Nas

Whitney + Nas