Dinos for Good


Welcome to Nawi. We are the Nawi Dinos and the only thing we love more than adventure, is helping friends make our world a better place.

Nawi was created by two dinofriends who wanted to help moms find cool, quality clothes for their little creatures.

All our clothes and toys are made right here in Los Angeles. And our special ingredient is happiness: every person involved in the process of manufacturing has an open and fresh workspace and benefit from the success of Nawi.


At Nawi, we believe that happiness is the key to quality and creativity. We also believe that education is still a really powerful tool that everyone should have access to.

That's why part of our proceeds goes back directly to our manufacturing dinos (there are no "employees" at Nawi). We encourage our dinos to further their education and save for their little dinos future education. The Nawi Dinos Foundation helps with schooling costs for anyone currently working to make our products.

To find out more about how Nawi is giving back and see how you can contribute, signup for our newsletter here.