If you're looking for a creative gift to present to a special baby in your life, Nawi Kids has the solution! The dinosaur toys and gifts are ideal for children who have an interest in dinosaurs. Nawi is specially created for little girls who love dinosaurs, and these awesome baby gifts coordinate well with nurseries that feature a number of color schemes. 

Nawi offers three dinosaur characters--Frankie, Coco and Ryder. Each of these awesome baby gifts comes in a bright pink, green or blue hue, which is sure to grab the attention of your little one right away. The dinosaurs represent the principles of making new friends and going on lots of great adventures. These stuffed animals are also environmentally safe, and are made from recycled plastic. So, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you're giving a "green" gift to your special little one. 

In addition to plush toys, Nawi also sells warm, soft blankets. The blankies coordinate with the colors of the dinosaur characters. These make decorative additions to the nursery, but you can also take them along the next time you're away from home and your baby needs a little comforting. 

Nawi clothing is another thoughtful gift for baby girls. The tank tops and play shorts are white, providing the perfect background for your little girl's favorite Nawi character. You can purchase Nawi clothing to match the dinosaur toy or blanket you've selected for your baby. The clothing is made from a combination of cotton and spandex, which makes it easy for your baby to move and play. 

While Nawi plush toys boast vivid hues to attract your baby, you can also choose from a selection of large grayscale pillows. These pillows have a black and white color scheme, so they'll match the decor of your baby's room no matter what color scheme you've chosen. The pillows also add a whimsical design element to the other rooms in your home. The pillows can be used for baby's nap time, and are also comfortable enough to assist your baby during tummy time. 

All Nawi products are made in the USA, and are manufactured in the fashion district of Los Angeles. When you visit the Nawi website, you'll get a detailed description of how each Nawi toy, blanket and clothing item is made. The company was created by two women who wanted to make creative and environmentally safe toys for children. The founders are also committed to giving you awesome baby gifts that have been created in satisfactory factory conditions. The staff at Nawi is also willing to assist you in making a purchase you're completely satisfied with. You can customize your order to make your gift extra special, and a staff member is available to help you make exchanges if you need a new item. 

You'll receive your order within 5 to 10 business days, and when you order $49 or more worth of awesome baby gifts, you'll get free shipping! 

To take a look at all the awesome baby gifts Nawi has to offer and make your selection online, visit www.nawikids.com