Play whatever we want to!

Girls can be computer programmers. Girls can have dirt stains. Girls can have a big ol’ dinosaur collection, and that’s completely fine and AWESOME.

As you already know, we’re all about breaking those “girly” limits of what young women should look like and what they should play with. One of our main missions is bringing dinosaurs into the girls section (or having no gender sections in the toy store at all!) With this in mind, we’re so excited to see other start-ups sharing the same values, so we can do this march forward together!

Lammily has been the talk around town lately, and WE ARE IN LOVE. She’s the first ever fashion doll that is fit to a normal human body proportion. Has that been too much to ask from the toy industry? Apparently the answer is yes.

We love her stylish apparel such as an ombre button up and comfortable white sneaks, along with her light makeup look. Oh, to top that off, there’s a sticker pack available for you to purchase to add more customized looks with mosquito bites, freckles, and even a cast. Because at the end of the day, your doll can finally go through everything a normal girl does.

As much as we think she’s super rad, there’s definitely one more thing that will make her extra special.

She needs a pet dinosaur.