The coolest booth at the show

You guys already know that we just got back from New York after participating in the ENK Children's Club show. But did you know that our booth was made entirely of cardboard!?

Thanks to the folks at Flatgoods, we were able to bring our values of recycling and reusing to every aspect of our booth.

Read more about our sustainable and reusable booth here and below.

Nawi Booth

Nas and Sydney rocking at the Nawi booth in New York during ENK Children's Club

 The Nawi booth

The Nawi booth

"Nas ordered some furniture and a big backdrop for the ENK Children’s Club tradeshow in New York City on Oct. 19-21, 2014.

FG: Hi Nas! Thanks for chatting with me. For starters, tell us a little bit about yourself. What is Nawi Kids?

NasNawi Kids is a line of kids gifts (plush toys, blankies, etc) based on our dinosaur characters: Coco, Ryder, and Frankie – more coming soon!

Inspired by one little girl’s love of dinosaurs, and her parents frustrating search for cute dinosaurs that spoke to girls, Nawi Kids was born in 2013. All our products are made in USA, with sustainability in mind, and packaged in reusable and re-sealable pouches.

FG: What led you to Flatgoods and to cardboard furniture in general? Sustainability? Uniqueness? Affordability?

NasBecause we make all our products with sustainability in mind,  when looking to furnish our trade show space, it was important for us to find something reusable, easy to move, but cool! When I saw that I could customize everything, I knew Flatgoods would be perfect.

FG: Could you talk about your experience with Flatgoods–as a company and the products themselves? Here are some ratings to get you started:

NasPricing: Poor–1  2  3  4  5–Great

Shipping Costs: Poor–1  2  3  4  5–Great

Assembly: Difficult–1  2  3  4  5–Easy

Website: Confusing–1  2  3  4  5–Easy to use

Overall Experience: Poor–1  2  3  4  5–Great

Other Comments: My experience was great overall, especially with you, Tina. Thank you so much for keeping everything on time, working on the shipping costs, and being so quick to respond. 

FG: What did people think of your booth at the tradeshow?

NasThe response was overwhelmingly positive. People were intrigued, and I can say that we had the coolest booth at the show.

FG: Do you plan to re-use your items?

Nas: Yes, we have stored everything and plan on using for several more shows in New York. 

FG: Okay, last question! Would you recommend Flatgoods to a friend? Why/why not?

Nas: Yes! Absolutely. I had a great experience and the furniture was everything I wanted it to be.

FG: Thank you so much, Nas. It’s been a pleasure working with you!"