Nawi Kids at Unique LA!

Last weekend, Nawi Kids was privileged enough to attend Unique LA to set up our own booth! We had an awesome time visiting with all of you who were able to attend and checking out all the other vendors at the event! We got a lot of holiday shopping done and we tried a ton of delicious snacks! It was an amazing feeling to be amongst friends and peers who had the same passion behind their work as we do!

We absolutely had an amazing time and even the dinos had a wonderful time visiting the other booths!

Coco wasted no time and found the light!

Check out more cool and shiny things at RI-STOR.

Meanwhile, Ryder was checking out some of @naoshisunae’s artwork.

And Frankie had a little potion fun there as well.

More artwork at her website!

Frankie discovered her own gardening/planting skills! If you want more green products, then you have to check out kelso doesnt dance !

And Coco found some new friends! Hey, do you make these scarfs in dino size?

Gotta give our friends heartzee a shoutout!

Ryder tried to help out a friend who was being squished! But he was actually doing okay!

This coaster was so cute but we didn’t catch the name of our bear friend! If anyone knows the name of this store, please let us know!

There may have been a little mixing with those plants and potions because Ryder was surprised to find some of her woodland friends come to life!

Find more of these cuties at hi tree!

And the group all met up again with their new friends at @letrango‘s booth.

We had a fun time looking though the le trango website!

We had a blast at Unique LA this year and we made some great friends! Thanks to everyone who came out to our booth and hopefully, we can see you all again next year!