Recently, we have been taking advantage of the VSCO Cam app and using their filters on our own Nawi Kids pictures. While shuffling through the various filters, we came across a package that partnered with a company that is near and dear to our hearts. VSCO Cam has collaborated with KKI, or Krochet Kids International. We love their filters but we also love their organization!

Krochet Kids International is a non-profit organization that aims to give people in Uganda and, most recently, Peru a chance to work and earn fair wages through the art of crocheting. It was started by three friends who started crocheting for fun, making hats and beanies for themselves and their friends. They all went off to college and found an interest in reaching out to the global community and making a difference. The friends spent a summer in Uganda where they spent time teaching other their craft of crocheting. And, thus, Krochet Kids International was born.

Their story reminds us of how we started and the reasons why we continue to do what we do! Their beliefs in fair wages and their #knowwhomadeit campaign are very similar to our Nawi Gives Back promise to provide “educational funding for family members of anyone involved in the manufacturing of Nawi Kids product.” It warms our hearts to know that there are other organizations out there creating responsible work environments.  Read more about our story here!

We absolutely love the story and foundation behind KKI and their goals to empower people and their families to “rise above poverty”. You can read more about their story here!

You can find out more about the KKI x VSCO project here!