One dino's trash is another dino's treasure

You know what's better than having a swell time with your new box of fruit snacks?

Being green!

Not only do we make our products with a focus on sustainability from every angle, we can't get enough of the creative upcycling crafty ideas out there! Stay creative, stay good, and everything else will find a way :)

Finished reading those newspapers? Roll em' up and BUILD!

Newspaper Play Structure (Link:

Hmm... what to do with those little water bottles... Turn them into adorable bowling pins of course.


Sumo Wrestler Bottle Bowling Pins (Link:

You can literally make anything out of cardboard. Especially a whale that blows tissue for you.


Whale Tissue Box Holder (Link: )

When it comes to playtime in the tub, you NEED a few flotation devices with you for your pirates! [image: DIY Duct Tape River Raft] Duct Tape River Raft (Link:


Don't forget to wear a mask during all your playtime.


Animal Box Mask (Link:

Show and share with us what you love to make with items you once thought was only trash. We'd love to see how creative you are!

RAWRing xo, Nawi