Here comes the 4th of July!

America's birthday is coming up and we are ready to celebrate. With yummy cook outs (healthy of course) and blazing fireworks we are very excited! 

This is a great holiday to get creative with the kids. From the kitchen to the crafts room, we have some awesome, festive activities and recipes for you and the kiddos to get into! 

Have Fun!

Hats and more can be easy to make using simple materials. 



Yummy and ...patriotic! Strawberry-blueberry Angel Food Cake Flag Trifle Recipe.


4th of July Sparklers. I think we've found a new edible tradition!



Light up the room before the fireworks show with this cute DIY! 



We pledge allegiance to the...cookie? lol 


The US is sure to have a very festive birthday. Hope everyone has a fun, safe, 4th of July tomorrow! 

RAWRing xo, Nawi