In the heart of Los Angeles

There's a certain fuzzy red, white, and blue feeling you get when you know your product is 100% made with American love.

Nawi Kids is a brand that is fully devoted to being all Americana AND locally Los Angeles! Even the idea itself was born and raised by Nas and Whitney in their very own studio in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Everything from supplies, printing, and packaging, is all within only a 10 mile radius from their K-town studio. As they say, home is where the heart is, and we're very much in tune with our heart :) We even made this lovely infograph for you to see where the Nawi-mobile travels.

Remember our last blog post about sewing these little dinos by the breezy oceanic view of Marina Del Rey? Ah... the SoCal life. 

Are you on board for shopping local? Come and play with us at the largest Made-in-America shopping event in the country: UNIQUE LA! There will be free snacks, drinks, and even a PHOTOBOOTH! What's not to love?

Let us know you're coming:

RAWRing xoxo, Nawi