Following Big Dino Footsteps!

Everyone has someone to look up to. Most of the time, it's your parents, a cool older sibling, or your 1st grade teacher that always brought freshly baked cookies to class (it's amazing they have time to grade our colored pages AND bake from scratch at the same time)!

For Coco, Ryder, and Frankie, their idols have bigger footsteps. Someone with great character and BIG scales. Literally!

Here are our top 5 favorite dinosaurs of all time!


We've watched him go through all his ups and downs in the Toy Story movies. Rex is often seen as a shy and timid dinosaur, but that's okay! He fights the stereotype of being a scary Tyrannosaurus and continues to show that dinos can be kind and lovable too.


The original purple dinosaur we've all grown up with! Thanks you, Barney, for all of the lessons in friendship and caring for one another through song and dance! What would we have done without his upbeat attitude every day? 


Our favorite dino-monster from overseas! This super star has been in so many movies, we can't even keep count. He might be a little mean, but he is a legend. You just can't help but look up to him. 


Crushing those bad little mushrooms and eating up everything in his way! As famous as Godzilla, but in a cute, bite-size form. He's a man's best friend in a big, scary, pixelated world. Mario is one lucky fella :)

Littlefoot (aka Loveable Littlefoot):


How epic is the Land Before Time? Modest, curious, adventurous, and always positive in the toughest times."Oh, you can't quit now. What if the Great Valley's just over the top of these rocks?"  It's that attitude that keeps us going!

Do you have a favorite awesome dinosaur that we didn't mention? Who's your favorite super-sized friend?

RAWRing xoxo, Nawi