Back to school woes

I wrote this on the side of the road this morning with tears in my eyes. Such a bittersweet moment that only a parent can understand. This is to all Mothers who sent their kids off to their first day of school.

Coco is a pre-schooler who is so ready and excited, but when I dropped her off she clung to me and whispered, "mommy stay." She can be so tender, so misunderstood, and so brave. I'm holding my breath and having faith that her determination will carry her through this new day filled with so much unknown. It's all can do not to scoop her up and bring her home to play with her (big surprise) DINOS. I'm a mess..

I know she will survive. More importantly, she will thrive. And probably prove once again that she is much braver and much tougher than her mother.

Big kisses to you mommas out there sending your babies into the world this week. Help eachother.... Be kind to eachother. They'll be great! 


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