Where you will be tomorrow, starts with today.


Coco Reflection

As we reflect on our last year and what we accomplished, I find it easy to beat myself up about the things I didn't do, and the mistakes I made. But when I think about where I am, and the things I did accomplish, it becomes easy to see that even the smallest action taken, still yields more results than no action at all. 

In the past year, three awesome dino characters were born, the Nawi World gained some new members, dozens of plushies were stuffed, smiles were brought to new faces, likes were garned, friendships formed, and we learned... A LOT about starting, running, and stumbling into a new business. 

 New friends being made at Unique LA 

New friends being made at Unique LA 

This year promises to be even bigger for Nawi and its dinos. New characters will be born, some exciting names are showing an interest in our products, and more will be added to our line. All this can be daunting and it is easy to get bogged down by all the things that need to be done, to make sure we have the best tomorrow possible. 

But as the new year begins, let's not forget is that where we are today is directly related to where we were yesterday. So if yesterday you decided to do that thing you don't want to do anymore, one... last... time... then today you are farther away from your goals that you could have been today.

So our new year's resolution is a simple one: be our best self today! It's the only way to guarantee an amazing tomorrow.