Unusual and Cool Baby Shower Gifts

So it seems like everyone you know is having a baby, and the thought of buying another smiley bear, dollie, or ducky doesn't exactly thrill you. 

When you search for cool and unique baby gifts online, how many times have you found the same things on every list?

So instead of showing up to your next baby shower toting another ubiquitous gift, try one of our tips and be the talk of the party... after all, you can't say the word "baby"!  

1. Support a local business

Finding something special made by a local artist will not only benefit a small business, but it could make it easier for the mom or dad to be to find more of that special if she needs a replacement. It will also inspire her and her friends to become trendsetters in their communities

2. Make something

I know, I know, your life is busy enough that you can't possibly start making gifts for every baby shower you get invited to. But trust me, this is easier than you think.

Do you have an amazing recipe for crave worthy food? Write it (or print) on cool stationery, and include it in a nice package with all the ingredients. Cooking might be a great distraction for the new parent, especially in the last few weeks.

Does your friend like to post on Instagram? Grab a bunch of the photos and create a cool collage, or have them printed on canvas. They'll love the surprise!

3. Find a gift with a story

Today, there are plenty of great brands supporting great causes and making their products in safer and fairer ways. For example, here at NAWI KIDS, all our dinos are made with sustainable fabrics, stuffed with recycled plastic bottles, and made within a 10 mile radius to reduce emissions. We also, give back to the people who make our products, but helping them with education costs for their families.

So you can feel good about helping the environment, while supporting fair labor practices. And we hope that if you share our story, you'll inspire others to support brands with a heart.