Why is it important to buy American made products?


 Nawi Kids dinosaurs are born with a view of the ocean in California, USA

Nawi Kids dinosaurs are born with a view of the ocean in California, USA

With Wisconsin getting set to become the 25th "right to work" state we thought we should write a bit about the importance of supporting American workers, no matter your view on this issue.

Labor Laws

Though this latest headline proves these laws are ever changing, labor laws and safety standards in the USA are still far more comprehensive than most countries where our everyday items are mass produced. Buying American made products, gives you the peace of mind of supporting these safer standards and child labor laws.

Environmental Benefits

Manufacturing in general, is much cleaner here at home than many other countries.  And more and more American brands are coming up with creative ways to manufacturer that goes above and beyond what's legally required. Nawi Kids' plush toys for example are all made within a 10-mile radius to reduce our carbon emissions.


More and more, the US is losing its ability to manufacture certain products. This increases our dependence on foreign manufacturers, which could prove strategically problematic as things progress. 

Product Safety

Though there are safety regulations in place, every year millions of toys are shipped to the USA containing poisonous levels of lead. Buying locally made items, will buy you the assurance that every item abides by higher safety standards.

Growth and Prosperity

It just makes sense, when you support products being made by people earning a livable wage, you contribute to the growth of the economy. The more people earn here, and the more laws in place to protect wages and jobs in the USA, the more prosperous we can all be.