Wee Women Wednesdays: SheHeroes inspiring girls to dream big!

Last week we talked about the shortage of women in STEM careers, with one huge reason being the lack of role models. So for our latest edition of Wee Women Wednesdays*, Nawi Kids is excited to support the organization SheHeroes.

Through video profiles and discussion guides, SheHeroes sets out to inspire and motivate young girls to pursue careers in fields where women are underrepresented. While at the same time it inspires young boys to view women as people who can also be role models, and valued for more than their appearance.  

"The idea behind this strategy really is that "seeing is believing", and we hope that after you see the amazing work SheHeroes is you doing, you'll believe that buying a Nawi Kids gift today is the best way to give back:

Trough April 14th, part of every purchase made at NawiKids.com will go towards funding this 'inspiring web series aimed at empowering young girls to dream big.' 

*Every second Wednesday of the month, Nawi Kids features a non-profit organization and donates part of that month's profits to the featured non-profit.