Why and where to buy American made products

I am always talking about how proud I am that Nawi Kids makes every product in the USA, but I realise that I don't often talk about why. Well, I prefer to focus on the positive and tell you:

  • Every person involved in the making of our products works in a healthy environment
  • They are all paid a fair wage
  • We observe fair labor practices
  • And we make part of our profits available for them to use towards education

I see now that it is important to talk about the other side of things, and why I choose to make our manufacturing process transparent.

Since I don't think I can do better, I am posting here a clip from last Sunday's episode of John Oliver's show. In it he talks about what is behind America's acceptance of such low cost fashion.


Yes, making our products in the USA makes them more expensive, but I would rather pay more for something, and in the process teach kids about the value of things, than to accept the fact that some one else had to suffer in order for me to pay such a low price. And this doesn't mean I think manufacturing in these countries should stop - because yes, a lot of jobs would be lost - it just means that until we can be guaranteed that manufacturers in other countries are being offered a better standard of life, it is safer to buy products made in a country where fair labor laws are enforced.

And to help you in your search, BRAND NEW USA has a pretty long list of the coolest places where you can buy American made products today.