How important is the journey of your products to you?

Today, I was asked to talk about why I care about where, and how Nawi Kids products are made, and more than defend our practices, I was compelled to think about where everything I own comes from and how that impacts me.

Once you stop and think about what it takes to get something from design to a tangible thing you can hold and sometimes come to love, the journey of that product really begins to matter. Next time you look at your child holding a stuffed animal that she just can't sleep without, try to figure out exactly how that toy was born: 

Someone designed it, maybe thinking of something they had as a child... or it was just one of hundreds of designs he created that week while thinking about rushing off to his own kids.

The fabrics, likely polyester, passed through A LOT of hands... all the way from sourcing the petroleum, turning it to thread, then fabric, to fabric dyeing. Then eventually into someone's hand as just a few pieces of cloth, eventually being stuffed with some material that went through its own journey.

Add to that the shipping processes from factory to warehouse to store, and you can probably count on dozens of people being involved in that little toy which brings you child so much joy. 

In thinking of these journeys all our products make, we here at Nawi Kids, decided that we wanted to know more of the people who play a role in bringing our dinosaurs to life. And by getting to know them and thinking about their well being, we can proudly label all out products with a MADE IN USA BY HAPPY PEOPLE label.