Are you wondering how these cuties are made?

It's not everyday that brands let guests in behind the scenes. How are things made? Who made them? Where? What material? What's going on? 

We recently just visited our manufacturers in the heart of cozy Marina Del Rey and decided to share some snapshots with you! Let the touring begin.

I spy with my little eye... something blue. See that fabric there? We use sustainable materials such as wool and cotton. We also use fabrics and fillers made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. Super neat.

One of those Buddys got an eye! 

Adorable tops in the making. 

Happy peeps making awesome products. It's that smile that puts the extra spark into every product :D

"Nawi Gives Back" is one of the many ways we cultivate a happy work environment. We here at Nawi, provide educational funding for family members of anyone involved in the manufacturing of Nawi Kids products. 

End product? A handful of cuddly tender care. 

2014-05-13 15.16.51.jpg

Today, Nawi Kids products are made in Los Angeles with a focus on sustainability (toys are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles and everything is constructed within a 10 mile radius to reduce carbon emissions). 

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RAWRing xo, Nawi