Greetings! Let's get personal

Whitney here, mother of the adorable Coco and cofounder of Nawi Kids. Today I embark on my first experience based blog... Going to get personal guys. Here at Nawi we are one big Dino family. 

Today was Cocos weekly swim lesson and a great opportunity for my first mommy blog post.  


For those of you who have not read our Nawi story. Our company began with my predicament over lack of options for little girls interested in cars, planes, and DINOSAURS. Well here's a perfect example. I've never seen a girls bathing suit with anything that would capture Coco's interest. So here she is looking cute as ever in her Lightning McQueen swim trunks. 

My heart is filled with happiness that my daughter is unique and knows what she wants. My hope is that our society addresses our youth in a less sexually segregated way. Why can't girls like cars? Coco can't be the only one. 


Needless to say she had a wonderful swim lesson with the amazing Teacher Deb regardless of what she had on her body. Watch out Michael Phelps! Excited to share my little mommy tid bit with you and looking forward to writing more lifestyle post pertaining to all that is motherhood.

Recycled into awesome friends!

What could you possibly make with plastic bottles?

Well, these lovely dinos of course!

With all the waste that's going on in the world, it's important to us from the very start that we wouldn't take ANY part of that. It is part of our 100% commitment to the environment.

Take a look at how much waste is going on that could simply be reused or recycled:

Our adorable, lovable, and highly cuddly-able (best word we just made up) are plushies that are made with every intention to reduce waste. We love our mother earth after all. Our fabrics and fillers are made with recycled materials such as your regular drinking plastic bottles. It's a very special process that starts with consumer recycled plastic bottles, then cleaned off of all labels and disinfected, chopped into flakes, melted, and spun up into recycled fibers! Ah, the power of science. 

Holding up our products loud and proud. Doing good one small step at a time :) Come feel how soft these buddies are when we arrive to Unique LA! We'll be giving away tickets on our Instagram @nawikids so make sure you're following us there for all the details!

RAWRing xoxo, Nawi

Ladies and gents, claws and paws... introducing!

Okay, we know some of you have been too busy to explore the website to see what's really up with these dinosaurs. And that's totally fine.

Because we're going to do an introduction right now!

Meet the lovely Coco. Did you know her birthday is coming up too? More on that later... 

Coco loves making new friends and she loves to learn from each person or dinosaur she meets. She is always on the go for a new story to tell or a fact to share, so come back and see what she says next!

Next, is our beloved Buddy:

Ryder is the rascal of the Nawi World. If you want to find a new adventure, just follow Ryder, and you never know where you might end up, or who you might meet. 

And last but not least, is our youngest, Frankie! 

She might be the youngest, but she is definitely the feistiest. Frankie's favorite color is green and she can spot a yummy green thing to eat from miles away.

And that's the awesome bunch (for now). With cute faces like that, we need to keep a close eye on them so they don't get away with TOO MUCH trouble.

RAWRing xo, Nawi