4 Unique Ideas For Picking Gifts For 1 Year Old Baby Girl

A little girl in your life has just reached the big old age of one! And it's time to rock her little world and with a big party, along with stuff she may not quite understand now. But one thing for sure is her gifts must simply be fun and adorable!

Though picking gifts for a toddler is usually fun and easy; it is not so when you have to get unique gifts that stand out from what everyone else is bringing to the party. Here's a countdown of the most unique ideas that will make the kind of gifts for 1 year old baby girl that everyone will wish they had thought of.

 1. Utility Soft Toys

At 24 months, our little sweetheart is developing all sorts of skills. She's getting really active and just a few weeks ahead, she'll be rolling, crawling and jumping all over the place. And that also means she gets lots of bedtime too.

Why not get her a big soft and colorful toy which she can easily fall asleep on after having lots of fun with it. The Big Dino Plush Pillow certainly fits this bill. It's a colorful dinosaur shaped pillow that your 1 year old baby can also play with; or even play on. It can serve as a great replacement for some of her ordinary pillows to bring some fun right into her bed.

2. Get Her A Keepsake

Before you know it, she isn't a baby anymore. And she has to leave all those cute little clothes that she looked so adorable in. So go get her something she'll still use long after she's not a baby anymore; you know how we all love to keep childhood memories. 

Rather than just have photos and videos, why not include a toy or two into the mix? Plush toys are always a great choice. The Coco Plush Toy is a favorite of many little girls and can be combined with the Coco Dino Blankie to make a cute little gift set. Believe me, girls will never run out of uses for such nice cuddly things.

3. Turn Her Into A 1 Year Old Fashionista

It's never too early for a little girl to take on a sweet look with cute matching outfits. But to make her unique you need to look beyond the same old stuff you can find everywhere. A totally unique look is what it will take to make gifts for 1 year old baby girl stand out.

What could be more different and unique for a baby girl than outfits with colorful dinosaur prints? Nawi has a cute range of Dinosaur Play shorts, Dinosaur Tank Top and matching Dino Plush Toys in three variations.

4. Let Her Be the Superhero Of Her Own World

When gifts for 1 year old baby girl indulge her fantasies of taming scary monstrous dinosaurs to save the world; nothing could be more unique! This is a great gift idea that brings some of your epic bedtime stories right to life; and right onto her bed!

When she wears a Dino outfit, sleeps on a Dino Blankie, Dino Plush Pillow and surrounds herself with all kinds of Dino Plush Toys; wouldn't she easily drift into her own 'DinoWorld'? Not only do these make a unique gift, they also make a big present that she will have lots fun opening.

Which Of The Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girl Will You Pick?

If you have to be unique, Nawi Dinos should be in that gift. Dino toys are unique and rare for girls. And when you buy them, you also help save the environment because their manufacturing process is eco-friendly. You will also get to help send another sweet little one to school.